Apr. 26th, 2013 01:42 am
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Party 1:
Varja: Krigar priestess, Betrothed to Ulgann, crazy

Ulgann: Krigar Warrior/Hunter, Betrothed to Varja, not crazy

Saeruk: Orc, Apprentice Blacksmith, awkward and self conscious

Aenmwan: Elven thief/prince, sarcastic, ass hole

Khay: Dragon, Idiel’s brother, cold and distant, previously trusting and gullible

Zeffi/Skahtek: Possessed by a Demon God.

Party 2:
Lumma: Elven Seer, confident but kind.

Tevi: Vilsi Royal Guard, King Torik’s niece, inexperienced but bad ass

Olna: Shape shifter, Imandrit’s wife, mercenary, slightly depressed, really wants Idiel taken out

Imandrit: Elf, Olna’s Husband, Mercanary, cold and angry, really eally want Idiel taken out, Psychometry

Party 3:
Skahtek: Demon God, generally well meaning but very self serving, to blame for this whole mess to begin with

Satil: Ex-barbarian goddess, got screwed over by Skahtek, vengeful and crazy, really evil

Vashta: Demon Goddess, Zealot, bitch, wants to take out her brothers

Idiel: Evil Dragon Lady, crazy as shit

Seconadary Characters:
Sethana: Dragon, Idiel’s ex

King Torik: King of Vilsi, Tevi’s Uncle, nice guy


A looooong time ago. A Krigar priest decides he wants more power instead of following the typical Krigar beliefs which are relatively hippieish. Since the Great Mother and Father stay out of mortal shit for the most part and don’t really keep a close eye on things he can get away with it pretty easily without trying too hard. He appeals to Skahtek for more power and new magics and Skahtek agrees as long as the priest lets him look into his mind and learn about the magic of the Krigar. Knowledge is power after all. So, the priest, who’s a power hungry dickwad and not a very nice guy, takes Skahteks power. The dragons 3 move in across the street and he thinks they’re a threat even though they’re not. He starts trying to take them out and Vashta goes behind everyone’s back and gives the priest more power. The priest takes out the dragons, grabbing Skahteks attention, who then tries to take out the Priest. This in turn grabs Satil’s attention who goes to defend her Priest without knowing the full story. She attacks Skahtek, he attacks her and turns out to be the stronger. The Priest is killed, the dragons are very nearly wiped out, Satil is disfigured and eventually goes crazy and Skahtek thinks it’s his fault and high tails it. Satil wants revenge and convinces Vashta to join her plans and then drafts bat-shit-insane Idiel to do her dirty work. Thus our tale begins.
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Updated my look. That's probably the last thing I'll do for the next like...billion years.

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Well, I've given it much thought, and at this point in my sewing career trying to make Dante's coat is still a terrifying prospect.

That said, I think i might put my money and time towards making my Dante inspired dress, make some bad ass accessories and be "Lady Dante" for the whole weekend. That way I can still take part in the DMC group we've got going on, and i won't kill myself trying to make that freaking coat.


Jul. 31st, 2009 11:18 pm
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No longer home alone. Yay for decreased creepiness.
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Hm, perhaps I"ll actually use this one from time to time...


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